My Why

My why… and why?

Well, why not? I always thought that I would live out my career in a large organization, nonprofit ideally, healthcare likely with good benefits, a steady income and certainty on my side. 

See, James is the artistic one in our partnership. He’s the all-natural entrepreneur and creative asset to many. He grew his business from the ground up. Side hustle after side hustle for a long time before venturing out into a partnership, and then later a solo business that has proved incredibly successful. He’s living his dream, and he loves it. Shout out to the husband! www.mycreativeasset.com 

If he was going to have the ‘riskier’ source of income I’d better stick with the traditional, right? Until I allowed myself to be wrong. Why couldn’t I do something outside of the box too? What if I allowed myself to dream, and follow my heart’s desire too…could it also produce an income that could help us continue to achieve our financial goals too, all while fulfilling those other passions burning inside me?

Jordan Grace 4 Months
Jordan Grace 4 Months

Working from home…

Well, sure – who wouldn’t want to work from home, have the flexibility to go to the grocery store mid-week. What!? And be home when the kids stroll in from school. Skipping the commute, the office politics and *gulp* the matched retirement. Well, I suppose I could fit this bill in the form of becoming a stay at home Mom. Those SAHM have some serious skills. Hats off to them. I really hadn’t ever seriously considered being one of them, even when my girls were teeny tiny. 

Harper Noel 3 Months
Harper Noel 3 Months

Don’t get me wrong I LOVED them to pieces, I didn’t want anyone else cuddling them and cooing to them – I was a jealous working Mom, just like the rest. But I didn’t have any overwhelming desire to have to teach them their ABC’s and 123’s solely. Let’s face it, they weren’t great with carrying on conversation. My needs at the time included grown-ups, and lots of them!

An exciting time.

But now…in the last few months, I’ve had a tug on my heart to be available for them – more than my current work schedule allows. And my workplace is very flexible! I can duck out for appointments, take days off for field trips, come in late after a hair fixing fiasco – it’s very accommodating. What I feel brewing just over the horizon are the conversations about boys, friendship drama, and boys some more. Not to mention changing bodies, technology, and future dreams. My girls are at this very special time in their lives where they are interested in my opinion. MY opinion. I’m not so naïve to think that this is going to last!

Sisters! One of my all time favorite pics. 2018
Sisters! One of my all time favorite pics. 2018

My why goes deeper…

When we were pregnant with Jordan I prayed for boys. I knew that I was a bit of a teenage terror and I didn’t want to deal with a small version of myself. I’m kidding, mostly. And the Lord gave me just what I needed – a mini me, despite my request.

So, here I am looking to make good on the gift of not one, but two girls that we were given. My husband is home when the girls get home  from school most often. He travels for work occasionally, and we have good back up plans in place when that takes place – but he is not feeling as up for the deep convos about boys, friends, and ANYTHING to do with the vagina.

I want to be there to talk about girlfriend drama, shaving, flirting with boys, deodorant use, career aspirations, healthy lifestyles, and everything in between. Sure, I can do this evenings and weekends but my end game is to have a bit more time with them until they fly the coop, or at least until they can drive – or if/when they begin to despise me altogether, whatever comes first.  


Eventually having a career under my own direction, using the written word to influence others, talking to people about life lessons, and coaching others to see further success – all while playing the role of a part time SAHM. #winning  I’m still vetting out this entrepreneurial adventure; is it really blogging or writing for money, or perhaps coaching in my areas of expertise, maybe creating content for other leaders, or something else entirely that hasn’t yet shown itself. 

Showing our girls, my family, and myself that I CAN be successful in an alternate realm, doing what I love and making a go of having it all. Why not? If and when I fall down during this journey, I’m going to be an example of how to dust yourself off and get back up again. 

Why make plans to leave a nearly 20-year career to go out on my own with no guarantee and or matching retirement fund? Or pick up our family and move to an island for a few years?

This is why.

Jordan and Harper, May 2019
Jordan and Harper, May 2019

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