So…I Have This Idea.

Some may consider it a crazy idea. Others may think it brave. It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. I have this idea and the three people that I have to convince that it is a good one, are my immediate family; the love of my life James, and our two beautiful daughters, Jordan and Harper. Aren’t they all just the cutest?!

My loves...goofing around at a family photo shoot. i have this idea blog
My loves…goofing around at a family photo shoot.

What is this crazy idea?

Typing and publishing this is going to put some real life into this dream. Are you ready? Am I ready?! Here goes. I want to move my family to a little island in Mexico for a couple of years. There it is. That’s the dream! My husband and I fell in love with Isla Mujeres while vacationing there a few years ago for our anniversary. We have been back once a year ever since – and we’re self-proclaimed, “don’t want to visit a place more than once” travelers. We loved the locals, the island, the beaches, the shops, and the food. This place has culture and community, and one heck of a view!

Isla Mujeres North Beach for I have this idea blig
Isla Mujeres North Beach

When did I have this idea?

I’m not sure when exactly the seed was planted that this dream could come true, but the last time we visited I could see our girls there; immersing themselves in the language and community culture, experiencing a way of life that we can’t give them in suburbia. Not to mention a break from the daily that is our adult life in the burbs as well. Don’t get me wrong – we’ve got a great thing going here, but why must we wait to enjoy living life until we’re 60+ and retired? Our kids won’t get any benefit from that. What if we can give them a gift of this amazing life changing experience now – while they’re old enough to remember, yet young enough not to hate us forever for uprooting them for a bit. James is self-employed and could take much of his work nearly anywhere. I’ve been with my employer for nearly two decades now, and can see myself needing a change of pace. I’ve also dreamed of someday writing a book…just need the time to do it. Hint, hint.

Not the pool.  The ocean! For I have this Idea blog
Not the pool. The ocean!

So what’s next?

As you can imagine – there are a lot of logistics to consider. The kind of logistics that need written down plans for a variety of what ifs. What will we do with our house? School for the kids? When will we come back to visit? What about health insurance? James is a real planner. He plans our vacations that include printed itineraries, and I love him for it. This dream is my brain child however, so he wants to see a detailed plan before he moves from being 50% on board to anything higher. Insert blogging initiative! I figured I could detail all of these logistics while blogging and sharing our story, and practicing my craft for that future book writing endeavor. Will we do it? Can I convince him? And what are all of the logistics involved for moving your family out of country? Stay tuned to watch me sort it all out.

I've promised more photo ops like this one if we go! for I have this idea blog
I’ve promised more photo ops like this one if we go!

Thank you for joining me on my journey to influence.

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