Month: October 2019

Leadership Coaching

When you think of a coach, or coaching what comes to mind? Perhaps, like myself it brings back reminders of high school or college athletics, a team sport with a coach or coaches that knew the game, spouted words of encouragement (most of the time), and stood on the sidelines watching your team win or …

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Dream Big

Each morning I’ve been rising before dawn to get to work on building a business, and making my dreams come true. I have those mini-me cuties that make up My Why, and I have this crazy idea that takes me on a long-term sabbatical from my 9-5. Motivation is plenty! But I’m not the only one with dreams, now am …

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Blog Trophy

Guess what!? I have the best team! There are a lot of things that make them a terrific team; more on that later…but most recently they did something special for me. They awarded me this beauty. This is…part joke, part recognition, with a sprinkling of premonition people. See, my work friends didn’t know that I …

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