November 2019


Having an attitude of gratitude can change your life. So can contentment. When we pause to realize just how great we have it. And when we really appreciate it – it puts the BMWs in reverse. (bitching, moaning, and whining) It’s Thanksgiving week! I love Thanksgiving. Lots of great family time, good food and maybe […]

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I’m sure that you’ve heard it said a number of times – take vacations. Get some R&R. You need to recharge. Take time for self-care. You need to have some downtime. Date your spouse. This post will be no exception; I’m going to preach it to you too! We work so hard these days, am I

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$700k Normal

Last week I let you in on those good ‘ol college days when I was broke as a joke and eating carbs of all varieties just to keep myself warm. Today, I wanted to take you to a time in my life that I was a different kind of poor, and much more recent.  Fast forward from

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Twenty Bucks Broke

If you’ve hung around me much you’ve heard the highlight (or low light maybe) of my sophomore year of college when I was BROKE. It was a character-building kind of season I suppose. I was living off of the Eastern Washington University campus in a nearby little town about 20 minutes away in a mobile

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