The journey began with a blog and an idea… to convince my husband to take a hiatus from our normal life and routine and move to an island in Mexico for a couple of years; writing an unforgettable chapter in our lives – living intentionally, on our terms. I had planned to document that journey of influencing him, gathering all the logistics, and ultimately living that island life through the blog.
At some point during those first six months, I realized that no amount of blogging was going to convince my husband to step back from his local entrepreneur duties, and my girls to leave their friends. What I found, however, was that living intentionally, on our own terms was STILL up for grabs.
Through coaching, I’m able to impact lives with true intention and purpose, and my schedule allows me to be present for my family more than ever. Turns out I didn’t need sand in my toes, I can live my island life in a pair of leggings, on a Zoom call with my toes in the carpet.
Trained as a Ramsey Preferred Financial Coach I started my coaching journey with personal finance support, and soon began supporting small business owners with operations, strategy, and process improvement skills acquired from twenty years in healthcare leadership. My coaching practice is now a great mix of support for all of our important resources; time, talent, and money.
And BONUS this gig is mobile – I should be able to do it from an island in a couple of years too. *wink*