Life Hacks

It takes a lot of years to ‘get it together’ doesn’t it? I’m not sure that everyone even gets there… And I think it looks different in each decade of your life perhaps. I’ll take a stab at what I think it may look like in each period, my life hacks, and what it DID …

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Having an attitude of gratitude can change your life. So can contentment. When we pause to realize just how great we have it. And when we really appreciate it – it puts the BMWs in reverse. (bitching, moaning, and whining) It’s Thanksgiving week! I love Thanksgiving. Lots of great family time, good food and maybe …

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I’m sure that you’ve heard it said a number of times – take vacations. Get some R&R. You need to recharge. Take time for self-care. You need to have some downtime. Date your spouse. This post will be no exception; I’m going to preach it to you too! We work so hard these days, am I …

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Dream Big

Each morning I’ve been rising before dawn to get to work on building a business, and making my dreams come true. I have those mini-me cuties that make up My Why, and I have this crazy idea that takes me on a long-term sabbatical from my 9-5. Motivation is plenty! I dream big. But I’m not the only one with …

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