House & Yard Television Shows

Several weeks ago my husband sent me links to several popular house and yard television shows that feature buying homes abroad, or moving to islands, or internationally hunting houses.

Let’s pause. Living on an island comes with a lot of housing options, right? Tiki hut? Yurt? Cabana? Hammock on the beach? I’m keeping my options open when it comes to our living situation for the possible moving adventure to Isla Mujeres. 

Initially I thought renting would be the best bet – keep it simple Sarah. My husband (whom I’m still working on convincing to partake of said adventure) thinks that IF we go, we should consider purchasing an investment condo/townhouse to rent out when we’re not there – since we’d like to land there on a frequent basis when we reach the ripe old age of retirement too. 

Going back, I think I’m probably supposed to be discreet and not name the channel… Did you catch that important part earlier? That’s right, MY HUSBAND sent them to ME! 

I emailed one of the house and yard television shows!

And do you know what I did? I emailed those show producers our cute faces and fun little story about picking up and moving to Mexico. This photo right here as a matter of fact.  What’s not to love about a Twizzler mustache!?  Do you know what happened next? 

Nothing. A few weeks went by, and I naturally assumed that those people are busy, and there must be a line out the internet for folks wanting to be on the boob tube buying a house.

And then…someone emailed me from one of the shows, indicating they’d like to get in touch after I filled out an application for the Fall 2019 shooting schedule. I checked my watch. THIS is 2019. I ignored the email. I was packing lunches for Fall 2019; I couldn’t possibly pack our bags. Then, get this – they called me…on the telephone of all things, a week later. I explained to them that I may have pressed send on that email too soon – we weren’t quite ready to go yet. She said to get in touch when we were ready.

THEN…you guys still with me?

The hunting of homes internationally show emailed too! It must have been that family pic I included, or the super cool blog site that I linked to, that convinced them that we’d be a fun family to feature on the show.

 Anyway…I had to tell them too, that we weren’t ready yet – first we had to procure a tiny house! Which makes me think…that I should probably send THOSE producers our silly family photo, and maybe this one too.

The kids are JAZZED about the possibility of being on ‘T.V.’ Being on House & Yard Television Shows, and did you pick up on the fact that my husband sent ME the links to these show applications?! That’s saying something. This blogging effort is TOTALLY paying off.  This was not in my plans, but could make for some more fun adventures and maybe I could pick up a few more faithful blog followers in the process. Note to self; have James make the family ‘Journey to Influence’ tank tops soon-ish. After all he did make me that logo, and ordered me this coffee mug.

It seems there are MANY logistics involved with owning, and something we’ll have to research in full before making that decision for certain.  And still so many little logistics to work out before making the decision to go or not go…but I think go, don’t you?

Thank you for joining me on my journey to influence.

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