Fix your Face: Attitude Adjustments

Our 10-year-old daughter has intermittent bouts of pre-teen attitude, and it shows all over her face (making me want to say “fix your face”). It looks kind of like a scowl, with a mix of “I just swallowed something disgusting, and I have no idea what you’re talking about” scoff.

Have you seen this look yourself?

I’m afraid that she gets it from her mother.  *shrug*

I have an expressive face when annoyed and almost feel dishonest if I let my mug fake a smile and nod as if nothing is bothering me.  Maybe that’s called being polite?  I don’t know – not a fan.  I am a big fan of open and honest feedback – but there has to be the right time and place.

When we see this unattractive look on our girls’ face (it’s beginning to happen to the little one at times too) or even on our own faces – we do a little family coaching with this short sentence.

“Fix your face.”

It’s usually met with laughter….you almost can’t help it.  It’s harder to keep a pissed off, grumpy cat look when someone has just asked you to fix your face, then just laugh it out.  And once you laugh about your broken face, it’s usually fixed.  Funny how that works.

I’m a truth teller and I’ve found that the only way to curb this expressive annoyance all over my outward surface is to fix my face….by fixing my attitude.

When I can reframe my attitude; my face softens, my perspective shifts and instead of the annoyed disposition that is only hearing the negative – I’m able to take a breath, and truly listen.

Attitude is everything.

Have you been around someone with a genuinely positive attitude all the time? (It’s not me – I mean, I have goals…but have not achieved this unicorn status.)  There is something really encouraging and hope filled when you’re around someone with a positive attitude.

You can’t control the news you’ll receive, all of the cards you’ll be dealt or the list of tasks you’ll be asked to do.  But you can control your attitude towards those things. I’m sure that some of these you can relate to – a little slice of some of my own ‘bad cards’ lately.

  1. There’s an accident on the freeway and you’ll be late for your appointment that’s taken months to get into.
  • But at least you’ll get to finish that podcast you’ve been listening to.
  • And it wasn’t you in that accident.  Say a prayer and be grateful.  Call your Mother.
  1. You found out that you’ll be furloughed for 3 weeks this Summer, no pay.
  • Bright side – extra government unemployment payments, and time off with your fam.
  • Oh, and some time to clean the closets, build out some small business team trainings and coach new clients.
  1. You realized that you have to pay double for your quarterly taxes this month.
  • All signs point to an overpayment in 2020, and cash back in your hand next year.
  • That is all.  No second bullet here.
  1. The school district has made a decision not to open up schools in the Fall back to normal.
  • Remember that time with the kids that you wanted when they got home from school?  You got it.
  • You know how your kids need those life skills like cooking, laundry, and I don’t know – money management…turns out they have some free time now too.
  1. You get a terrible eye infection that uncovers a potential auto immune disorder in your bod.
  • You commit to taking care of the one body you’ve been given as it gets older and a little more sensitive.
  • Opt for both prescription glasses and sunglasses at the Optomotrist next time.

So, fix your face – and move forward my friend. 

Don’t let bumps in the road get you down, or keep you from pursuing your goals and dreams.  Flex, learn to adapt, and move forward.

I know that you have big goals and dreams.  We all have them.  Know what I hear most often when I ask prospective clients what life would like when you wave a magic wand and your money challenges go away?

Answers: less stress, more freedom, less worry, and more time. 

Guess what else happens?  Their face softens.  They smile.  Faces get fixed. And then I get to tell them that their dreams really are possible, with some hard work and dedication.  Sometimes I have the opportunity to help those same people side by side achieving their dreams – my gig is awesome!

If you’re looking to fix your budget up, and maybe your perspective around money management then get in touch with me – we may even fix your face too. ?

Sarah is a Ramsey Preferred Coach
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