Leaving a legacy seems a daunting task. How do I live a life full enough and impactful enough to be remembered fondly? That is the goal I imagine; to leave others with memories that are by and large positive ones. 

I’ve been contemplating this idea of legacy lately. A relative of mine recently passed away and I found myself…not sad. That may sound terrible, but I just don’t know how else to say it. Sure, I did have a couple of nice memories that included him in it, but overshadowing those memories were a number of ones that were…not so kind. My Mom consoled me with the idea that this should be a lesson to us all to remember that the life we live will be our legacy – make it one worth remembering. 

My life, right now – that’s my legacy. Right now. Not after I “do” something with it. Not after I’m 40, or make a million bucks. Not after I retire, or have grandchildren. My legacy is not the sum of my worldly possessions that I can gift to others when I pass. My life, and the memories that others have with me in it – that’s my legacy.

With all this legacy in mind, I choose to look on the bright side more often than the dark. I choose grace and the benefit of the doubt in a challenging work situation when it is completely in my right to show someone the door. I choose healthy options to eat often, but give into the brownies too (as long as they don’t have nuts.) I choose downright silly and maybe even embarrassing moments if they may leave a sprinkling of my legacy with those I care for. This hasn’t always been my philosophy, but as I get older – (yes, I admit it, older) I really feel like this is where it’s at. Letting my hair down, more often than it is up…unless it’s in a messy bun, that totally fits too. 

Over the 4th of July weekend I had many an opportunity to live my legacy while taking a few days off with my side of the family on our annual summer camping trip up at Lake Merwin.

My nephew Ethan and I were in charge of the fireworks show. Yep, those are temporary tattoos folks – on our biceps. Flex and boom, flex and boom. Giggle and repeat. EJ and I have a lasting memory and an inside joke for years to come. Boom.

Ethan and I displaying the fireworks show!
Ethan and I displaying the fireworks show!

Large whale flotation device at the lake? Looks like the perfect opportunity to Free Willy to me. Ridiculous? Absolutely! But I bet that it’s worth a good laugh every time my siblings look at this photo.

Free Willy!
Free Willy!

How about this one? Wearing matching tank tops to the street dance…and dancing the night away with horrible, horrible moves. I have zero rhythm – but when challenged to a dance off with my girls, a Momma cannot say no! 

Matching camp shirts!
Matching camp shirts!

Leaving a legacy is going to be easier than I originally thought, and so much more fun. 

What fun and crazy things are you doing for your legacy?  I’d love to hear what you have (to normalize my silly self.) 

Thank you for joining me on my journey to influence.

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