January 2020 Video Updates

So, you’re not big on the social media? It’s okay – I totally get it.

I’ve been posting regularly on the ‘new to me’ Instagram stories with weekly snippets about the upcoming weekly blogs, and also asking for questions on money related topics – then I answer them in a piloted Sunday series of Q&A. Jury is still out if we’ll keep this weekly format or not.

In order to not leave anyone out….I thought I’d take those Sunday Q&A videos and lay them down right here for you in a blog post. You don’t have to go anywhere, or do anything – just push play. You’re welcome.

AND give you the monthly video update on our BIG tiny 2020 goal of savings cash for the tiny home. So, I’ve got 5 videos lined up for you, 10 minutes total viewing time. Break time, anyone?

Video number one….included a sink full of dirty dishes. Don’t get distracted. 😉
Video 2; some simple budget questions…err, answers rather – with a side of laundry. 🙂
Video 3 is the lengthiest of them all…with this INCREDIBLE cover/start photo. Wowzer.
Video 4 answering some spending questions! My favorite!
Last but not least, the BIG tiny 2020 goal update.

Hey, if you made it through all of those videos – thank you, you’re my hero. I hope my antics made you giggle at least once. AND I hope that you caught a money tip or two in there. Will you let me know in the comments below if you’d like these videos packaged up for you each month in the blog? I shall continue if you’d like to see them here!

Thank you for joining me on my my journey to influence.

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