Invest in YOU

Have you ever gotten tired of your own DIY version and thrown in the towel?

I’ve had that experience a time or two with…uh, my diet andnutrition.  Try a trend or fad, or eventhe Oprah approved WW only to be discouraged that the results were not as expected.

A couple of years ago I was fed up with my own DIY nutrition plan and instead of throwing in the towel I raised a white flag.  Mature enough (finally) to admit that I didn’t want to do it all on my own – and I needed a bit of help.  I’d watched one of the local fitness instructors at my gym who also did nutrition coaching, and saw some incredible results.  I had inquired once before and shied away from the price.  Ain’t going to pay that to have someone tell me to stop eating sweets.  I KNOW that already.  Finally annoyed enough with myself and the fit of my pants I reached out again and signed up. 

And you know what, it worked.

I was given new tools, incredible encouragement, and a friggin’ plan. The accountability and the support made ALL the difference between my DIY version of sweet avoidance, which never worked…and becoming the most fit I’d been since my early 20’s.

The investment I made in myself reaped incredible rewards; for me and my family.  I learned so much in a few short months and now know what to do when I fall off the wagon.  Which happens!  It was the first time I had ‘paid’ someone for something I thought I should know how to do myself.  I certainly COULD have done it myself.  It would have come with more stress, time and less positivity – but I could have done it.

How often do you invest in yourself?

No, not the kind of “investment” that looks like a new pairof shoes or a trendy new handbag. I get it those are “tools” of the trade, I’veused this same line myself.

How about the kind of investment where you decide to growyourself more?  Learn a new skill ortrade?  Take some serious time to diginto…you?

I’m a big fan of self-care and whole heartedly preach this practice regularly. Although the type of investment I’m talking about is different than those 30-minute bubble baths.

When was the last time that you took an online course on a topic you wanted to learn more about?  Or how about ponied up time, money, and energy to finally book an appointment with a therapist to talk through that age-old issue that keeps cropping up?  Have you taken a class since college?  Have you committed to mastering a new trade and given yourself the time to practice it?

As a busy working Mom of two active kiddos, I was sort of under the impression that the days of my learning and education were past – traded in for the skills and teaching that were now for my girls instead. 

Over the last several months I’ve researched, purchased and completed three online courses.  I waffled about whether or not I should invest in them.  They weren’t cheap.  I knew that I could use that money elsewhere for my family, for our goals, for….shoes.  I kept coming around to this idea that if not now, when?  When is a good time to drop a few grand or even a few hundred bucks on your education?  Everyone has to answer that for themselves.  But my answer came with the promise of taking new found education and learning and being able to do more with it. 

My investment will not only help build my business, but as cheesy as this is going to sound – change the lives of others.

Shout out to my best investment – business and speaking coach Heather Sager. (She also has a great podcast tailored to entrepreanuers, if you’re needing some inspiration.)

  • What have you been wanting to learn more about?
  • How can you grow and enhance your life in some small way?
  • What would happen if you finally tackled that task and put it behind you?
  • What if you invested in you?

If you’re ready to raise the white flag and get a little help, do your research.  Find someone that you can trust and you can relate to help teach and coach you. 

Perhaps you need a little jump start to funding that new investment in yourself?

Text the word FIVE to 33777 to get a free download of my top 5 Ways to Save! (They’re quick and relatively painless, I promise.)

Make a plan to invest in YOU.

– Journey to Influence

Thank you for joining me on my my journey to influence.

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