Financial Wellness Workshop

Sign up for the next LIVE online financial wellness workshop coming soon!

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Walk away from this workshop feeling CONFIDENT about your next move with your money; whether it's diving into your savings, paying off debt or building your wealth.

Attend from the comfort of your car, couch, bed, bath – you do you, no judgement. The video will only be one way and pointed my direction, I promise. 

But sign up already, I’ve got goodies to share with you! Like…

  • Creating Goals that make it OFF your To Do List
    • I know you want to start next year strong.  See THAT 2020!
  • Financial Health Test
    • Curious about where you’re at with your money stuff – let’s set the record straight and get you pointed in the right direction.
  • Quick Wins to tackle debt, savings, budgeting, and credit cards.
    • Take away at least 2 actionable next steps for your finances.  Get your sticky notes ready!
  • Self-Care Check In
    • Yes, please.  Taking care of YOU is important on this journey.

What are you waiting for?

If money stuff ever has you feeling a little confused, stressed out or simply longing for more….you owe it to yourself to dive in this year and learn more. It’s time.

You should sign up for the workshop if... 

You want to create goals that will stop showing up year after year, financial or otherwise.
You’d like to understand your financial fitness level.
You would love to pocket a quick win or two with your money.
You’re open to finding a new friend (that’s me!) to talk money with.
You really just want 60 minutes to yourself with nobody pulling at your ankles.