June was a little jacked.

Okay, for the non-readers, the visual learners and those that prefer vlogs over blogs, I am summarizing my weekly videos each month, along with the BIG ‘tiny house’ monthly goal update. For those of you that don’t “do” social media – this is for you! If you’re a You Tube fan, you can subscribe to get these same day as the social folks too.

First things first…how did May end up, and what was the original plan for June?

May was a good month, and June was planned to be too…

Next up, Sunday videos!

These are eclectic, what’s on my mind around money – or questions that have been asked of me recently. Usually 5 minutes or less of Sunday Fun Day thoughts and perspective around budgeting and more.

6/7/20: Let’s talk about young people and money.
6/14/20: Budgeting. Why? Why not?
6/21/20: Gift Budgeting…for a year. How To
6/28/20: We’re talking funds – beyond the traditional emergency fund.

Lastly, the BIG ‘tiny house’ goal update for June and the plans for July!

As the title indicates, June got a little jacked up – but it’ll be okay. We’re living and loving, and rolling with the punches.

6/29/20 How did June go? What’s the plan for July?

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Thank you for joining me on my my journey to influence.


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